Cursed Knowledge

Cursed Knowledge

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New style, new host, same life ruining knowledge. Have you ever learned something and immediately regretted it? Maybe it was too gross, too scary, or straight up broke how you see the world. For whatever reason, it solidified that ignorance is bliss and knowledge is a curse. Well, Ben and Harper want to share those moments of cursed knowledge with you. Each episode of Cursed Knowledge will explore we explore a fact-is-stranger-than-fiction story and break it down to reveal both the lies and the truth.

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Cursed Knowledge #18: The Bone Wars

By Harper Hunt | August 24, 2023

The Bone Wars. A decade long battle of ego between two dueling paleontologists. It’s a tale of obsession, sabotage, and academic backstabbing. This clash of titans brought new attention to the theory of evolution and helped make dinosaurs the cultural juggernauts we know them as now.

Cursed Knowledge #17: Frances Ethel Gumm and the Wizard of Oz

By Harper Hunt | August 10, 2023

Harper and Ben finally get a chance to talk about the Wizard of Oz and the not so wonderful behind the scenes production. Of course this was par for the course in the Golden Age of Hollywood as the studio star making system controlled everything. And we do mean everything.

Cursed Knowledge #16: Women in Refrigerators

By Harper Hunt | July 27, 2023

A revamped Cursed Knowledge is back! In this brand new episode, Ben joins Harper in the studio to talk about the all too common trope of killing off female characters to motivate male characters. Trust me, you’ve seen it. It’s everywhere and can tell us a lot about how hard it is to capture and maintain an audiences attention.

Cursed Knowledge #15: Sir Edmund Hillary Thinks You’re An Ass

By Harper Hunt | October 28, 2022

Mt Everest is a death trap. Everything about the mountain is designed to kill you. So why are so many people going up there? Why do we ignore the very real and very dangerous narratives that are right in our face.

Cursed Knowledge #14: In Defense of Marie Antoinette

By Harper Hunt | October 3, 2022

Marie Antoinette has a rather interesting historical footprint. For all that her image is iconic and her reputation infamous, it’s not all the truth. The real Marie Antoinette has been lost to the cartoon of Marie Antoinette™. So I want to show you a glimpse at the real person behind the cartoon and take a closer look at how her cartoon got started.

Cursed Knowledge #13: Subverting Censorship

By Harper Hunt | September 20, 2022

The Golden Age of Hollywood was full of drama. On and off screen. It was the age of carefully cultivated images. Fake names and secret procedures. And it was the age of censorship. The Hays Code and the censorship office had more influence on the film industry than any actor, director, or producer ever could. They had full control over what Hollywood made. Well, almost. There were still a few loopholes left to exploit.

Cursed Knowledge #12: Resurrectionists

By Harper Hunt | August 24, 2022

What’s in a name? Quite a bit actually. Names and titles can be all that’s needed to make some one a hero or a villain. So we’re looking at some villains who never got their proper title. People who were able to hide behind social standing and wealth to excuse their crimes.

Cursed Knowledge #11: Locks of Love

By Harper Hunt | July 26, 2022

Locks of Love is one of the most well known and well regarded charities in America. But things aren’t always what they seem. Sometimes the smokescreen of common knowledge can obscure what’s really going on. So join me in a look behind the curtain at America’s most beloved charity.

Cursed Knowledge #10: This Podcast Never Happened

By Harper Hunt | April 21, 2022

We’ve all fallen victim to a bad retcon at some point in our lives. It’s Sherlock Holmes coming back from the dead. It’s the reveal that an entire season of Dallas was only a dream. It’s the author changing their mind and trying to convince you that it’s all part of the plan. I don’t buy it. And neither should you.

Cursed Knowledge #9: Cat Eyes, Full Ass, Can’t Smile

By Harper Hunt | March 10, 2022

We’ve all felt insecure about our looks at one point or another. Especially in our chronically online world where how you look can be your whole brand. So with plastic surgery rates on the rise, let’s peel back the layers of this industry and see how information (and lies) about procedures spread and examine the real price of beauty.