Cursed Knowledge #27: Panera Lemonade

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Cursed Knowledge is our podcast that explores how narratives, for better and worse, have shaped our world without us noticing. The world is full of people pushing their version of reality on us and it’s time to expose the truth. No matter how much you might wish we hadn’t.

Panera’s in hot water over their charged lemonade. After building their brand on clean and healthy food, they’re now facing several lawsuits claiming their lemonade caused permanent heart damage and even death. So what’s really going on with the lemonade? And why is the story surrounding it so misleading?

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  1. A very good real world, day to day heads-up which made me
    search caffeine content lists for Dunkin Donuts and Tim Horton’s.

    Somewhere in the past someone told me that decaf coffee only has slightly less caffeine than full strength. I believed that. Why? Because I needed it to be true so that I could drink the better tasting full strength.
    Well,……as of 5 minutes ago I’ve learned that decaf is waaaay lower strength than regular, logarithmically so.
    As of tomorrow it’s going to be 50/50 going forward, without added “charged” chocolate milk!
    Buyer beware

  2. As a daily user of Medically Approved and Very Safe™️ amphetamines I felt a twitch in one eye as Harper was reciting the caffeine content in these drinks. I have no idea how people can consume that much and remain ambulatory.

  3. If I hadn’t just read David Brook’s essay from this morning I might’ve lost it over this insanity

  4. Avatar for robh robh says:

    Not real, but 100% on brand.

  5. Good satire is nearly indistinguishable from reality, and that was some top notch satire.

  6. Well clearly Sparkd’ Energy is completely different from Charged Lemonade. Guess they’re hoping the cult of Dunkin will make people forget.

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