Cursed Knowledge

Cursed Knowledge

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New style, new host, same life ruining knowledge. Have you ever learned something and immediately regretted it? Maybe it was too gross, too scary, or straight up broke how you see the world. For whatever reason, it solidified that ignorance is bliss and knowledge is a curse. Well, Ben and Harper want to share those moments of cursed knowledge with you. Each episode of Cursed Knowledge will explore we explore a fact-is-stranger-than-fiction story and break it down to reveal both the lies and the truth.

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Cursed Knowledge #28: Casual Gambling in Videogames

By Harper Hunt | April 18, 2024

Gambling is a big deal. And everyone’s got an opinion one way or another. It’s had a pretty insane increase over the last few years. But what happens when Gambling becomes gambling? When it stops being a grand event and is instead a much more insidious and, well, casual thing. Spoiler Alert. Nothing good. It’s now showing up everywhere. From sports, to finance, to politics, to videogames. It’s rarely obvious gambling, and that’s what we need to be worried about.

Cursed Knowledge #27: Panera Lemonade

By Harper Hunt | February 9, 2024

Panera’s in hot water over their charged lemonade. After building their brand on clean and healthy food, they’re now facing several lawsuits claiming their lemonade caused permanent heart damage and even death. So what’s really going on with the lemonade? And why is the story surrounding it so misleading?

Cursed Knowledge #26: Singin’ in the Rain

By Harper Hunt | December 14, 2023

Movie musicals are a Hollywood staple. A spectacle of dance, emotion, and music. Proving which Hollywood stars are actors only and which are true triple threats. But it turns out a lot of our favorite classics have been keeping some pretty big secrets. Including who’s really singing.

Cursed Knowledge #25: Truffle Hunting

By Harper Hunt | December 1, 2023

Truffles are well known to be one of the rarest, and most expensive, delicacies available. What’s not known is the cutthroat world of truffle hunting. Where it’s not uncommon to see fraud, theft, sabotage, and even murder.

Cursed Knowledge #24: Hollywood Accounting

By Harper Hunt | November 17, 2023

We know that Hollywood is a multibillion dollar industry that shows no signs of slowing anytime soon. So then why do so many studios report that their movies failed? Especially when most of these movies are incredibly popular and by all accounts should be financially successful. Well turns out Hollywood has some tricks up their sleeves and, as The Producers taught us, under the right circumstances you can make more money with a flop than a hit.

Cursed Knowledge #23: Mega Disasters

By Harper Hunt | November 2, 2023

Earthquakes, storms, volcanos, oh my. It seems the earth is always trying to kill us one way or another. These are dangerous powerful spectacles that can literally reshape the world. It’s understandable that we’re so fascinated by them. But why aren’t we afraid of them?

Cursed Knowledge #22: The Narrative of Reality TV

By Harper Hunt | October 20, 2023

Reality TV is a constant and ever growing part of pop culture. Everyone has a guilty pleasure show that they watch every week. It’s created stars and scandals that have gained international attention. It’s dominated the small screen for almost 30 years and the line between tv and reality has never been thinner.

Cursed Knowledge #21: Invasive Species

By Harper Hunt | October 5, 2023

Invasive species are a known “bad thing”. An organism that’s introduced to an environment and ruins it. So why don’t we do anything about them? And is there even anything we can do?

Cursed Knowledge #20: Airbnb

By Harper Hunt | September 21, 2023

Airbnb has reshaped how we travel and disrupted the hotel industry. But most of the stories from both guests and hosts reveal nothing but disasters. So what’s really going on? What’s the real story of Airbnb?

Cursed Knowledge #19: The Snappiest Place on Earth

By Harper Hunt | September 7, 2023

We live in a very safe world. And we’ve worked hard to make it safe. But sometimes we take that safety for granted. And sometimes we think that safety applies even when it really really doesn’t.