Cursed Knowledge #10: This Podcast Never Happened

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Cursed Knowledge is our latest podcast that explores how narratives, for better and worse, have shaped our world without us noticing. The world is full of people pushing their version of reality on us and it’s time to expose the truth. No matter how much you might wish we hadn’t.

We’ve all fallen victim to a bad retcon at some point in our lives. It’s Sherlock Holmes coming back from the dead. It’s the reveal that an entire season of Dallas was only a dream. It’s the author changing their mind and trying to convince you that it’s all part of the plan. I don’t buy it. And neither should you.

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  1. This post never happened.

  2. Avatar for Tanya Tanya says:

    @harperhunt Regarding the squirrel tidbit at the end, I heard that once a power or internet company (I can’t remember which, but a company that needs cables to provide their service) tried to repel the squirrels by putting capsaicin in the cable coating. Unfortunately, the squirrels got a taste for it and gnawed on the cables more than before! :fire:

  3. Wait really!? That’s amazing! Probably exactly what those stale old wires needed, a bit of spice.

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