Narrative and Metaverse

Narrative and Metaverse

The Full Series

Narrative and Metaverse, Pt. 1: The Living Word

By Ben Hunt | January 18, 2022

The past, present and future of human freedom is not determined in the macroverse but in the metaverse, and it is here where we must make our stand. First we will write the words to see the metaverse. Then we will write the songs to change it.

Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can’t lose.

Narrative and Metaverse, Pt. 2: Gain of Function

By Ben Hunt | February 2, 2022

Big Tech, Big Media and Big Politics are engaged in a widespread program of gain-of-function research on the linguistic entities of the metaverse.

It’s more dangerous than any virus.

Narrative and Metaverse, Pt. 3: The Luther Protocol

By Ben Hunt | March 24, 2022

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” – MLK

Does it? Does it really?

Today we take a stand to defend the arc of the moral universe in its long path towards liberty and justice for all. Today we begin the Luther Protocol.

Narrative and Metaverse, Pt. 4 – Carrying the Fire

By Ben Hunt | August 17, 2022

This is how we resist The Long Now, how we find an alternative world to the endless present where the Party is always right. By connecting the human past to the human present to the human future. By carrying the fire of our own stories in our own words across the weave of time and space. By building an ark and an arc.

This is my faith.