Meme Stocks

Meme Stocks

The Uncontained Spark

By Ben Hunt | October 1, 2021 | 15 Comments

There is an uncontained spark in the financial world today, a spark that emerged from the unlikeliest of places, a federal courthouse in Florida.

It’s a spark with the potential to light a searing bonfire under Robinhood and Citadel.


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What are Meme Stocks

Meme Stocks are stocks that have gained incredible popularity and value through social media. It's a fast rise and fall that deals more with public opinion than company performance. We've recently seen a huge increase in meme stocks with the rise of platforms like Robinhood.

Podcasts about Memestocks

ET Podcast #4 – Hunger Games

What’s happening with Reddit and Gamestop and Robinhood is a revolution, but not the revolution you think.

This isn’t a “democratization” of Wall Street. You were played. Again.

It’s a revolution in Common Knowledge. And that changes everything. Again.

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Hunger Games

By Ben Hunt | February 4, 2021

You have been told that the odds are ever in your favor. You have been told this for your entire life.

More and more, you suspect this is a lie.

Over the past few weeks you have been told a new story. A brave story. You have been told that by banding together and acting as one, you can “democratize” the stock market.

Today, as you see the collapsing stock prices of the companies you supported, you suspect that this was a lie, as well.

What now?

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When Does the Game Stop?

By Peter Cecchini | February 1, 2021

What’s happening now in equity markets isn’t the product of some paradigmatic democratization of finance. It’s just another bubble that will end badly.

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Portrait of a Very Serious Investor

By Demonetized | January 29, 2021

The Very Serious Investor is quite disturbed by recent goings-on in illiquid, small cap stocks with high short interests. These happenings represent an assault not only on the Very Serious Investor’s livelihood, but his entire cosmology. People placing profitable discretionary trades in the financial markets when they lack even a single Ivy League degree. Imagine!

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The Invulnerable Hero*

By Rusty Guinn | January 28, 2021

No, the real story here probably isn’t about a revolution against Wall Street. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t an opportunity to build a movement – right now – to transform it toward fair, free and open markets.

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Off Wall Street and Off-Off Wall Street

By Brent Donnelly | January 22, 2021

Everything you always wanted to know about r/Wallstreetbets and Gamestop*

*but were afraid to ask

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