The Three-Body Problem

As much as I dislike the chickens on our farm, I love my bees. Do they sting? Of course they sting.
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  1. This is Excellent. Thank you ?

  2. This note, and “Sheep Logic” are my two perenial favorites
    They have been immensely clarifying.

    Thank you Ben

    The underlying assumption in economics - at least the way we were taught- is that money was a scarce commodity .

    Have we now morphed into a society where that is no longer the case ?

    & With that foundationaL assumption gone, is all econometrics = rubbish

  3. I think Ben was correct to repost this …the markets make zero sense to me ,as I write this today Producer Prices were just announced up 8.6% YOY --and the 10 year Treasury yield is DOWN to 1.445% :face_with_monocle:

  4. I’ve read this note a few times since 2017. Each read hits me differently. Earlier this year I read The Three-Body Problem, great book. Why did today’s read strike a nerve? At the end of the note, “That’s the technical definition of The Answer, and that’s the practical definition of totalitarian thought.” I’ve brushed over the ending on my previous reads, but today “totalitarian thought” bothered me. Maybe that’s the point of BITFD, to avoid a totalitarian outcome?

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