That’s the Thing I’m Sensitive About!

Thirteen-year-olds are the meanest people in the world. They terrify me to this day. If I’m on the

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  1. As the financial world emerges from one of the strangest periods in most of our careers, we cannot forget those lessons.
    Everyone: proceeds to forget ever single inch of those lessons.

    But seriously, it’s an absolute miracle that taxpayers didn’t end up being forced to pay for a full-scale bailout of Boeing. I had that on my 2020 COVID bingo card.

  2. Here in FL our illustrious governor has extended a moratorium on evictions. I get it that Post, American Homes for Rent and mega REITS that scooped up thousands of single family homes in the last crash and lather, rinse, repeat as they say, will do so again. They have access to cash and equity and can weather this government imposed storm.

    The winners are chosen and they are the people who rent and have to pay nothing,and the REITS who can ride it out. The people who saved to buy an apartment or two or ten have had their property taken away from them without compensation. They will be crushed again.

    The other winners (for now, anyway) are home buyers since 2010. The government has been desperate allow people who have no business buying homes, no idea of maintenance etc., into homes since the last crash with 2.5% down and loads of taxpayer paid for incentives. Mortgage moratorium ends, and we will have hundreds of thousands of foreclosures here, and the crony capitalists will be able to scrape a few billion together to buy the mortgages at 30% of par, and throw all those people out, and rent. What a revoltin’ development this is!- Chester Riley of the Life of Riley. Change my mind.

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