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19+ Duane Hall: Can I confess something? I tell you this as an artist, I think you’ll
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Suju Mahendrappa
1 year ago

At least part of the problem here is that most of society finds the comfort created by artificially deferring the inevitable is preferable to confronting reality. Most of society prefers to work less (or better still, not at all) than to use tech and innovation to boost productivity, and nobody is structurally motivated to set us on a different course. Our reliance on magic spells provides the alt-priests with a source of power, which they like, and a basis for paternalistic overlord-like behavior, which they also like. As long as this setup also suits those holding political power, it’s hard to see any catalyst for change until some fairly disastrous consequences fall upon our economies and society. Then, after some period of extreme social and economic pain, everybody will forget and it can all start over.

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