Why Am I Reading This Now?

Pack member Rob H. brought this up at last week’s Office Hours, and it deserves its own thread (as well as some attention from The Narrative Machine).

I think the most interesting part of the burgeoning UFO/UAP narrative is that it is clearly being driven by the Defense Dept.

I also think the only things DOD truly cares about today are China and budgets.

Why am I reading this NOW?

— Ben Hunt | May 23, 2021 | 9:12am


  1. Nothing that any of the interviewees has said is verifiable.
    Let’s pick on this: “Seconds later, the Princeton re-acquired the target, 60 miles away.” Did the target have its own unique transponder code? If it really is unknown, then there is no “re-acquisition”. A similar target may have been acquired - that would be the correct terminology.
    Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Christopher Mellon: “So it’s not us, that’s one thing we know. … I can say that with very high degree of confidence in part, because of the positions I’ve held … and I know the process.”
    If “re-acquisition” is not a journalist-introduced mistake, then my opinion is: relax, those things are “ours” [U.S.] and someone is just trying to flex some muscles via TV.
    Otherwise, Ben, I think you are absolutely correct - the DoD concern is China and budgets.
    But a “China” threat covers a whole load of technology. I think the micro-UAV threat is genuine, and can be exploited by many national or other types of groups.

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I hate raccoons.

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