Why Ben Sasse Loses the Game of You

Pew Research Center, “Political Polarization 1994-2017” Ben Sasse, the junior US

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  1. Ben, any thoughts on why those on the list of three who quit were all Republicans? Does the “racist moron” have stronger centrifugal force (yup, read your thoughts on “centrifugal,” but the word is believed to be what it’s believed to be) than the “lunatic communist?”

  2. Is there a difference between “politics can’t save our political problems” versus “the political process can’t save our political problems” versus “we, as humans, can’t save our political problems”? Seems to be a play on words but I have faith that there’s a solution out there. I have a small biased inkling that our ET Pack will become a part of that solution.

  3. Avatar for robh robh says:

    I think it is simply timing. Establishment Republicans are finally seeing the fallout of the splintering of the party that began eight years ago with the Tea Party and reached a crescendo with the nomination and election of someone like Trump in 2016. Whats going on right now in the Democratic Party (Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) feels very similar, just several years behind. I fully expect that a “progressive” (lunatic communist?) grabs the Democratic nomination in 2020 and the moderate Democrats will start dropping like flies as well.

  4. Avatar for bhunt bhunt says:

    Agree entirely with Rob H.

  5. Avatar for bhunt bhunt says:


  6. Thank you ⇧ and Ben ⇩ - makes sense.

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