Notes from the Diamond #9: How About Never

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6 months ago

This is excellent, I appreciate the fearless moral clarity.

6 months ago

Another mind-expanding column, Rusty. I hope George F. Will is a subscriber. His towering intellect and knowledge of baseball would appreciate your insight, from once suggesting that the proliferation of new and trendy food times should have the Home Plate ump shout “Das Gustibus” instead of “Play Ball” as the last two words of the National Anthem to his observations in Men at Work, a keen insight into Tony LaRussa, Tony Gwynn, Orel Hirsheiser and Cal Ripken Jr. have stood the test of time. Oh yeah and one last thing as Columbo used to say. I think Joe Maddon is a genius, given what he was able to do with the Rays during his tenure here. Management bought into it and nobody has ever delivered more bang for the buck, except perhaps Billy Beane…

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