ET Podcast #3 – The Ireland Event

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In episode #3 of the Epsilon Theory podcast, Rusty and I discuss the dramatic spike in Covid cases in Ireland over the last two weeks of December, and the risk of seeing a similar “Ireland Event” here in the US.

Unfortunately, once it becomes apparent that an Ireland event is occurring, it’s too late to stop it.

The time to act is NOW, not with indiscriminate lockdowns, but with strong restrictions on international and domestic air travel to contain the UK-variant virus while we accelerate vaccine delivery.

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  1. We were a nation of frontiersmen for a long time. We still are.

  2. Hot take: There is nothing like a UK variant. There is only a variant first identified in the UK. Just like there was now ‘spanish’ flu.
    The UK has by far the best genomic surveillance anywhere in the world. No one comes remotely close. The US is not even in the conversation.
    UK discovered what was going on everywhere ahead of everybody else because they were watching very closely.

  3. Avatar for khuber khuber says:

    Isn’t it beyond time to refocus on boosting our immune systems instead of fear mongering and vaccines, of questionable efficacy at best? After all, the common denominator underlying all CV deaths is Vitamin D deficiency. Our soils are depleted as well. Plants cannot provide vitamins and minerals not in the soil.

    Even without exposure to ubiquitous Glyphosate, with its myriad negative health effects, plant uptake of what nutrients and minerals remain in the soil fails under the best conditions to provide the nutrition plants provided 60 years ago. Glyphosate inhibits uptake of what’ there. In other words, when you get these spikes you are looking at clusters of nutrient deficient people.

    There also are easy ways to minimize risk. Vitamin C to bowel tolerance. Or, if you prefer a drug, Ivermectin works, has no side effects, and consequently already is in short supply. The body, human and animal alike, heals itself if you provide a proper epigenetic environment.

    Everything is connected including the gut microbiome and the brain. To focus on one element, a viral vector, is like one of the 5 blind men embracing an elephant’s trunk and exclaiming an elephant is a snake. Viruses outnumber bacteria by orders of magnitude. We scarcely know their purposes.

  4. Avatar for bhunt bhunt says:

    I am committed to respond to ET Pack members and their comments with a full heart. This comment challenges that commitment.

    First, gtfo with the “fear mongering” BS. More than 400,000 Americans are dead because of this disease, many of them needlessly, two of them my friends. Our national, local and (in many cases) personal responses to this crisis have been pathetic in spirit and in brains, in large part due to the 'leadership" of those who would minimize the Covid threat for their own political and personal ends.

    Second, gtfo with the “questionable efficacy” BS. It’s a freakin’ miracle that we developed these highly effective Covid vaccines so quickly, and the race of our lives will be to ensure that the linear process of vaccine distribution wins out over the exponential process of viral spread. The vaccine we have today works against the B117 variant. We need to slow down the B117 variant spread and speed up our vaccine distribution. This is not a difficult idea to understand.

    Should we all strive to bolster our immune systems? OF COURSE. Proper diet, more exercise, sunlight, vitamins and antioxidants? YES, PLEASE.

    But winning this war against the SARS-CoV-2 virus will require every last ounce of our human ingenuity and every last ounce of our human spirit, both of which are diminished by know-nothing cries of “fear mongering” and “vaccines of questionable efficacy”.

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