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Sometimes we have so much to say about a topic that it can't be fully addressed in a note. Yes, even our notes. When that happens we turn to podcasts for longer discussions. These conversations delve deeper into our notes as Ben and Rusty challenge the ideas behind them and give new context to their inspirations.

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ET Podcast #3 – The Ireland Event

By Ben Hunt | January 14, 2021

In episode #3 of the Epsilon Theory podcast, Rusty and I discuss the spike in Covid cases in Ireland and the risk of seeing a similar “Ireland Event” here in the US.

The time to act is NOW, not with indiscriminate lockdowns, but with strong restrictions on international and domestic air travel to contain the UK-variant virus while we accelerate vaccine delivery.

ET Podcast #2 – Personal Finance

By Ben Hunt | December 24, 2020

A conversation with Brian Portnoy, author of The Geometry of Wealth, about the role of money in shaping a life of meaning. How do we give better advice about money to others … and to ourselves?

ET Podcast #1 – Is That All There Is?

By Ben Hunt | December 8, 2020

In this kick-off Epsilon Theory webcast, I’m joined by renowned cryptocurrency miner and trader @notsofast for a wide-ranging conversation on Bitcoin and crypto. Here’s the core topic:

Can Bitcoin preserve its revolutionary potential after a Wall Street bear hug?

I’m highly skeptical, but @notsofast has some ideas on how to make this work.