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Burn. It. Down.

Please read the Miami Herald article on Jeffrey Epstein. How a future Trump Cabinet member gave

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  1. Kevin Spacey too, not so oddly enough.

    In contrast to the hysteria over Bret Kavanaugh, one hardly heard mention of this. Why are we only seeing this now? Because it is an angle against Trump? (Not that Acosta does not deserve the opprobrium.)

    At least we are hearing it now.

  2. Avatar for cbeirn cbeirn says:

    Despicable us.

  3. “It’s almost as if there’s a ruling class.” Sustained by an incestuous level of indifference, and a sense of entitlement. Expecting special attention and feeling entitled are key features of narcissism.

    “Success has the seeds of destruction built into it” and the empire falls…

  4. When has it not been so?

  5. Regards the Miami Herald Julie Brown 11-28-18 article, aarrgghh, etc OMG!!!
    The curious part above is the way some individuals were listed in the log: almost so obviously a play: President William J Clinton - seriously? I doubt the log hasn’t been manipulated or a manipulation. And I am a not-a-Clinton fan!

  6. Avatar for Cimba Cimba says:

    Occam’s Razor, smoke & fire. When you are part of the club that makes the rules why would you care where your name appears.

  7. Avatar for ET82 ET82 says:

    Epstein’s real-life Carcosa exploits and the cast of malignant characters that protected him sound like they inspired the plot for season one of True Detective.

    And people wonder why far left and right media outlets continue to attract new subscribers? It is precisely because those are the only places who have not forgotten about Epstein’s sexual abuse of children and women. The far right QAnon conspiracy herd has spun the Epstein story into an international jewish illuminati child trafficking cabal. And the dirtbag left rightly excoriates Epstein as a premier example of the perversions that our pro-corporate pro-capitalist system generates and protects. In both instances, a moral argument about these horrors is what drives the narrative rather than the nothingness that defines centrist apologia.

  8. Avatar for Cimba Cimba says:

    As much as I agree with the title I am not sure that we don’t end up in a worse place to “protect” us from future evils.

    Many crises ago after the tech bubble I think there was a brief movement by some high minded institutions that they were going to lean on corporations to be better stewards and not just capital disbursement schemes. Obviously that did not endure.

    It seems to me that the way to strike at the heart of a corrupt system is to stop the money flow. What if a grass roots organization formed with enough voice to boycott select corporations. A day, a week a month enough to cause a stir and get a pulpit from which to ask for change?

    If a large enough effort, maybe even demand it. Would enough people care? How many people out there are doing their job (like the local law enforcement from the article) but getting trampled by the corruption. When is enough, enough?

    It worked for prominent disruptors of the past.

  9. Avatar for ET82 ET82 says:

    In fairness to legacy media, Miami Herald’s work here does feel like some proper reporting. Whether it qualifies as old school investigative journalism I’m not so sure. Maybe so if it emboldens more of Epstein’s victims to come forward. A few dogged attorneys and former law enforcement officials seem to deserve the most credit for keeping the case alive. But it is refreshing to see reporting where all of the involved parties were solicited for comment. Nobody from Team Epstein went on the record of course.

    And I was just about to write off all legacy media for being hopelessly captured by commercial interests. Oh wait, what’s more commercial than a lurid child sex ring operated by a towel-clad billionaire?

  10. Avatar for ET82 ET82 says:

    Dr. Ben uses Team Elite as shorthand for the ruling class but I declare we should henceforth adopt Team Epstein. Seems apropos given the penchant for employing 14 year old cheerleaders with braces to stroke promote their brand of narcissism.

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