Breaking News #5: Voldemort 2024! The Biden/Trump Rematch No One Wants

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Join Ben Hunt, Matt Zeigler and Jack Forehand as we break open the news to reveal the Nudging language behind the headlines. Media bias is real, but not in the way you think.

Poll numbers show that the majority of Americans are not happy about the choice between Joe Biden and Donald Trump that we are likely to face in the next election. In this episode, we discuss how we got to this point. We look at the embedded problems in our political system that favor incumbents and how it has led us to where we are today. We also look at the political strategy used by incumbents and how they attempt to stave off upstart candidates by altering the system itself.

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  1. One of the best podcasts… period… I’ve heard in a long time–well done, all! A great setup for the next few that will have me on edge of my seat.

    While I had read ET on periphery for many years, I didn’t get “hooked” until reading ET during the Pandemic. These ideas sealed the deal: solving big problems “from the bottom up”; being additive to society through “make, protect, teach.”; and ultimately finding and supporting your pack with “clear eyes and full hearts.”–which is the opposite of having head in the sand or blindly following a political herd… and takes tremendous courage. When ET organized “from bottom up” the importing of PPE for medical workers, I gave a contribution & signed up for THIS Pack. I did many things in my own world to help my own Pack, and as a ‘good story junky’, try to point out the many examples of others doing same thing to people within my Pack. Being a judge of the Civilian Medal of Honor Award for one instance and even writing a book. I’m quite certain I was not alone & would be curious the many things other pack members have done to improve their own packs. It has felt to me that Connect was the re-envigoration of more of exactly this type of “bottom up” work inside and outside of ET. Indeed, the podcasts, FN Dashboard, and acceleration of quality content would confirm this is the case… but I can also understand the recently voiced criticism of ET identifying more problems than solutions. I don’t know that ET portends to know solutions. But I feel, and hope, that this Forum/Podcost/writings/Future Connect continue to provide opportunities for us to pursue how we encourage and protect each other through whatever is to come. Count me IN.

  2. Avatar for bhunt bhunt says:

    Thank you, Matt! You ARE in.

  3. All the way in, all the way up.

    It’s in the pack. It’s in the critical distance. It’s in the act of having a place to have productive conversations. This is how we’re going to make progress. So happy you’re here @mpardieck

  4. To paraphrase - “Since each side likely has a candidate which neither group is overly fond of in a Biden/Trump rematch, each side will vilify the other and its supporters in an effort to win, trying to portray the vote as an existential crisis”.

    Ben made the important point that we have to do our best not to hate those who vote opposite from us, to accept that most are voting with good intentions. I need to keep this top of mind as a simmering anger at both sides increasingly becomes my default.

    Looking forward to the next episode as hopefulness will be explored.

  5. Avatar for Tanya Tanya says:

    My two favorite moments from this episode: @MZeigler3 saying, “please don’t bite that, but it can predict the future”, and @bhunt saying, “Oh my god!”.

    Excellent episode, gentlemen!

  6. Excellent podcast. I have just begun to learn late in my life that to participate in much of what is going on around me these days is to “Be curious, not Judgemental” Walt Whitman. It helps me to with “Clear Eyes, Full Heart.”

  7. @RobMann you’re onto it. There’s something about making this commitment back to ourselves that’s so essential and still so challenging.

    I really like the simmering metaphor here. Is there a way to simmer productively? What’s noticing we’re simmering (or others are boiling over) telling us?

  8. at the risk of being too cute/clever with it - I really believe asking “is this comparing apples to apples, apples to oranges, or apples to (magic) 8-balls” is a useful curiosity trigger when exploring consensus with others. There’s a way to do it without picking fights, but you have to start with assuming charitable intent and not be intent on throwing chairs. cc: @RobMann and @lorneinglis70

    Can we get a @bhunt saying “Oh my god” meme?

  9. To me it means active, engaged, and alert without losing control (boiling). Like a moth to the flame without getting singed, I cannot help but pay attention to what is going on.
    Passive giving-up is no way to live, but sometimes one has to pivot and choose some level of course correction.
    Simmer is the titrated dopamine drip of an active engagement.
    A hard workout takes care of the occasional boiling tendency.

  10. Avatar for Tanya Tanya says:

    I agree, that makes a lot of sense. And we definitely need a Ben “Oh my god!” meme, paging the AI art wizards!

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