The ET Interviews: Anti-Authoritarian Technology

[Ed. note: Neville Crawley is more plugged-in than anyone I know, so when he offered to interview sm

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  1. Avatar for cpdis cpdis says:

    Great interview and incredible answers.

    A relatively easy way to get involved and support the bitcoin/lightning network: Orders of magnitude simpler than setting up a node from scratch and completely independent of the hysteria (positive or negative) around price.

  2. Avatar for cbeirn cbeirn says:

    It seems to me that both Neville and Alex have lost sight of what our estimable pack leader calls the “meta-game.” What happens when too clever by half programers come up with a bitcoin/blockchain configuration (monetary or otherwise) that thwarts authority in a way the state finds existentially threatening? The state pulls the plug on the internet – either altogether, or at least in the form we currently engage with it. Yes, this will cost the state dearly, and yes, it will do it anyway.

    With regard to the Saudi situation, it is crucial to understand that the dispositive narrative is the one that holds sway on al jazirat al arabiyyat which translates literally and most significantly as the Arabian Island, not the Arabian Peninsula. On this Island, what happens in Oslo is of little or no consequence, and what is written in The New York Times or declared in the U.S. Congress is meaningful only insofar as it reveals the extent to which the House of Saud has become dependent on the favor of foreigners. The single most helpful thing that Donald Trump could have done keep Mohammed bin Salman in power was to demand his immediate ouster. Failing that, MbS is almost certain follow in the path of Kings Farouk, Faisal II, Idris, and the last occupant of the Peacock Throne – all of whom allowed the blandishments of the West to distract them from the critical task maintaining their authenticity at home.

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