The Intentional Investor #6: Daniel Crosby

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In this episode of The Intentional Investor, we sit down with Daniel Crosby, a clinical psychologist turned behavioral finance expert and author of the upcoming book “The Soul of Wealth.” We explore Daniel’s fascinating journey from punk rock bassist to leading voice in the world of investing psychology, discussing the importance of setting healthy boundaries, letting life’s phases run their course, and the art of translating complex ideas into actionable insights. Join us as we dive into the power of Narrative, the process of learning and unlearning, and the gift of being present in life’s heaviest moments, all while uncovering the parallels between Daniel’s work and our own mission to help people navigate the intersection of investing and life.

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  1. sharing this note elsewhere and wanted to post it here too:

    Daniel Crosby has made a life out of translating the transitions. Not just making transitions, we all do a version of that, but translating them. Finding the words to express one idea to someone else who might not otherwise “get it.”

    From punk rock covers of Brittany Spears songs in the 90s - that his friends got and his parents at least didn’t stop him from doing,

    to attempting a career in clinical psychology he quickly realized he didn’t have the proper boundaries for,

    to taking advice from his professional stock picking dad that maybe the psych PhD had some value in the financial industry,

    to touring as the entertaining speaker for finance companies at enough Maggiano’s dinners and regional industry events to learn what works on the circuit,

    to writing multiple books, raising his own kids with an admirable attitude of self-awareness, and still excitedly struggling with what to translate next.

    He’s got the technical words to talk about change.

    But he’s also got the interpersonal skills to tell the stories numbers alone can’t capture.

    Plus, I clearly have a soft spot for anybody who can connect Kierkegaard to Britney Spears in the space of an hour.

    There’s a shortage of people who can communicate as clearly and openly about their own transitions, let alone help explain what others in transition are going through - and that’s why Daniel Crosby is an Intentional Investor.

    Take a listen, get inspired, pre-order his book [(The Soul of Wealth], I could talk to Daniel for hours, you’ll see why:

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