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Author’s note: I’m trying something a little different in today’s note. I’m

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  1. Ben, never considered this, but how do direct option purchases other than grants show up for Insiders? I was just thinking, as many SEC filings as I’ve read, can’t remember seeing a Form 4 with regard to direct option purchases.

    I would wager that cha-cha-cha played the Delta game with more than 50% of all MEME stocks, with out-of-the-money call options. He announced it regarding GME, tweeted it out on several others 1Q 2021.

  2. Keep exercising those financial analyst skills! Ben has asked on the Forum what are the most powerful ways to tell the stories that need telling. Seeing posts like this, that just state the facts, rank way up there for impact. Not every bit of skullduggery is as cut and dried and has the facts at hand to point out for those with the skill to do it. Glad to have Ben’s keen eye looking out for the Pack.

  3. Avatar for bhunt bhunt says:

    That’s a great question, Carl. My sense is that when options are used in this manner (cough, cough, Elon), it’s through cut-outs like a friendly HF.

  4. Does SPCE ever become a buy henceforth?

  5. I was early money on the MRNA insider selling. For a while it was as smart and as productive as pissing into the wind. Nobody cared. Moar jabs. NGU. Now that it’s come down to earth people have started to notice.

  6. Avatar for bhunt bhunt says:

    I’d have to look at their cash position before I’d even hazard a guess. Looks like they’re totally focused on the “near space tourism opportunity”, and that strikes me as a long slog under the best of circumstances.

  7. How many $400,000 tickets can you really sell? At least SpaceX is focused on commodity space freighting, not hauling the sons of oligarchs and lottery winners to the Karman line.

  8. I should have read this thread before getting involved with Cha Cha Cha! After watching ChaCha on CNBC, I thought this guy was a genius, and bought IPOC which turned into Clover Health. Then I realized I had been had so I converted my IPOC to OpenDoor, another ChaCha SPAC. Now, I’m going to ride these 'investments down to the ground" just like my first investment: Coleco. No pain, no gain!

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