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May 21, 2021
Has Wall Street taken over Bitcoin? | Interview with Ben Hunt

As Wall Street gets increasingly involved in the crypto space, regulation becomes more stringent and infrastructure around Bitcoin increasingly permissioned. According to Ben Hunt, the founder of Second Foundation Partners, this process is threatening the core features of Bitcoin: censorship resistance and permissionless access.
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The Grant Willians Podcast
April 6, 2021
The End Game Ep. 18 - 'Markets In Turmoil' Edition feat. Marc Cohodes & Dr. Ben Hun‪t‬

The uncovering of the Greensill fraud and the Archegos liquidation have rocked markets in recent weeks but, as always, the Narrative around both of these events is woefully misguided.

In this special 'Markets In Turmoil' edition of The End Game, Fleck and me are joined by Marc Cohodes and Dr. Ben Hunt to try and make sense of not just the movements this week as the Archegos unwind rippled through markets, but the potential fallout from Greensill's failure.

We discuss the importance of each event to broader markets, how they came to be possible, what the real story behind the careful-constructed narrative appears to be as well as the likely ramifications.

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Between 2 Chains with Peter Hans
February 23, 2021
The Game is Rigged ( w/ Ben Hunt ‪)‬

In this episode, Ben Hunt, Co-Founder of Second Foundation Partners and creator of Epsilon Theory, joins host Peter Hans to talk about how investors can make sense of markets that don’t make much sense. Using the lens of game theory, Hunt explores the role of narrative and the market machine, and offers investors a new way of thinking about Wall Street that can revolutionize their investment perspective.

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Smarter Markets PodcastSmarter Markets Podcast with Erik Townsend
Dr. Ben Hunt: Narrative Management in Finance and Society as a whole

Epsilon Theory founder Dr. Ben Hunt joins Smarter Markets to weigh in on how social media is being used to engineer the narratives which shape both financial markets and society more broadly. We discuss the influence of social media then go on to discuss how financial markets no longer serve society in the way they were intended, and what needs to be done to fix them.

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The Narrative MonopolyThe Narrative Monopoly with Jeff Feiwell

"Today’s guest on The Narrative Monopoly Podcast is the narrative king, Ben is the creator of Epsilon Theory, a publication & community that fits in no one’s box. His work on how narratives shape markets and society is first class

Ben is a polymath and the convo is wide ranging. We talk about his twitter avatar, the fed, BITFD & the managerial class, financialization, saving capitalism, public company rules, middle America, and of course — narratives. Hope you enjoy!"

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Hidden Forces podcastAmerica’s Political Precipice & the Hyperreality of Markets | Grant Williams & Ben Hunt
Hidden Forces - Demetri Kofinas

Demetri Kofinas speaks with Grant Williams and Ben Hunt about the urgent social, political, and economic issues facing the United States and what Americans can do to help themselves and their country in this moment. Topics include equity markets, cryptocurrencies, politics, national security, social media, & more.

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Epsilon Theory Co-Founder and Author Ben Hunt on Finding Your Pack and the ‘Platform’ Narrative
Panic with Friends - Howard Lindzon

"It’s a treat to have smart, thoughtful people like Ben on the podcast. He isn’t trying to spin a narrative, but genuinely wants to inform others about what’s going on and what they can do about it. I may even need to bring him on as a co-host – I love talking to him that much. Last time I had Ben on we talked about zero interest rates, writing and the politicizing of the stock market. This time around, Ben and I talked about his life as a publisher, media culture, the markets, the ‘mendacity’ of the world, crypto, SPACs, capital and what’s been going on with his company. This was a fun one to record. Enjoy!"

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Don’t Buy the Narrative (and It’s All Narrative) with Epsilon Theory on The Derivative with Jeff Malec.

  • Narrative Structure Not Sentiment
  • The Beginnings of Epsilon Theory
  • Investing Industrial Complex
  • The "Game" of Markets
  • Dealer Gamma Hedging

Listen here: The Derivative

With the U.S. election just hours away, Ben Hunt joins Grant to discuss the narrative heading into a seemingly climactic event upon which so much is riding.

Orwell's 1984, the words you need to recognize as both sides try to mobilize opinion and the importance of creating an 'Other' all come under the microscope as does, troublingly, Ben's choice for the big theme of 2021: regime change around the world.

Listen here: The Narrative Game Ep. 4 - Events, Dear Boy, Events

For the previous three episodes of Grant Williams' terrific podcast series with me called The Narrative Game, go here:

Grant Williams “In Conversation” with Ben Hunt

By Ben Hunt | August 17, 2018

Well, you know you’ve really made it in this business when Grant Williams shows up on your doorstep with his crew. What an honor to…

Lessons from Leaders with Brian Beckcom presents: Re-opening the American Mind, A Conversation with Ben Hunt, covering:




Watch below or check out the Podcast here: Re-opening the American Mind A Conversation with Ben Hunt, Founder of Epsilon Theory

"Ben tells Strong Towns president Chuck Marohn that massive debt and dislocation, social media, and the 24-hour news cycle (among other forces) have helped shape a world in which everything is presented by declaration. We have to be in this world, Ben says, but 'we don’t have to give them our heart. We can maintain a distance of mind, an autonomy of mind, so that we see clearly what’s happening...We’re not going to be the suckers at the table.'"

Listen here: Ben Hunt: We’re Not Going to Fix This from the Top Down

I joined TC and Georgia for a great discussion on career changes, the future of academia, the power of narrative with regard to Tesla and Nikola, and ET's call to action on COVID.

Listen here: Episode #45: Ben Hunt