ET Live! – 4.2.2019

Welcome! A few reminders as usual:

  • We begin pretty promptly at 2PM. If you don’t see the video by 2:01 PM ET, try reloading the page.
  • The new Vimeo plug-in will start the chat when the video starts. Don’t worry if you don’t see the usual chat window before the video launches.
  • Feel free to chat during the video, including posing any questions or comments, which we will try to get to during the session.

ET Live – 12.11.2018

Thanks to our subscribers who joined the conversation today. We enjoyed our discussion and look forward to speaking again in January. (The audio gets better after the first few minutes, and we’ll work on our setup to continue to improve it.)

Please note: Because this content is restricted to Premium Users, you may have some issues playing the video below if you accessed this page using a third-party link (e.g. Twitter or Email). We recommend that you access the link to this video page directly in your browser by navigating to the website and clicking on ET Live on the webpage header.