Grant Williams “In Conversation” with Ben Hunt

Well, you know you’ve really made it in this business when Grant Williams shows up on your doorstep with his crew. What an honor to be part of Grant’s “In Conversation” video series, and what a blast we had making this film!

As many of you know, Grant is a co-founder of RealVision, which provides all sorts of dynamite video content for investors, and RealVision has graciously given Epsilon Theory readers complete and free-of-charge access to both the six-minute trailer (above) and the ONE HOUR AND FORTY-FIVE MINUTE full interview (below). I know, I know … that’s a longer running time than The Hangover. What can I say? An Alabama drawl takes its sweet time to get a point across. But seriously, the magic of Grant Williams is his ability to make long-form content as engaging as it is informative. It’s what we try to do here at Epsilon Theory, as well, and I think you’ll agree that when we combine forces it turns out pretty darn well.