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ET Pro is where we publish specific implications of our narrative research, with pieces geared toward the workflows and needs of professional investors, financial advisors, consultants, asset owners and allocators.

ET Pro is the only place we will be publishing our direct research and regularly updating our actionable investment and allocation observations.

Here’s a brief introduction to the types of content you can expect from ET Pro, in addition to all the news, content and features available to ET Premium subscribers:

ET In Summary

A weekly summary piece by Ben Hunt, outlining the actionable portfolio and investment implications of our research. In the Flow articles are published on Monday of each week, and also emailed in PDF format to ET Pro subscribers.

Ben’s first In the Flowarticle, covering December 1 – December 7, was published as a promotional note for public viewing here.

ET Monitors:

Monthly monitors tracking the narrative map, attention, sentiment and fiat news characteristics of several major topics. Current monitors include:

  • Inflation
  • Central Bank Omnipotence
  • Trade and Tariffs
  • US Fiscal Policy
  • Credit Cycle

Each monitor includes a summary analysis of notable narrative and sentiment attributes, as well as highlights of month-to-month changes. We provide extensive reference resources, and assistance in reading these monitors is available on request. 

ET Monitors include downloadable and editable slides in both PPT and PDF format.

Content Excerpt: 

ET In Focus:

Periodic in-depth analysis of narrower topics that percolate through our other narrative research. May include individual companies, macroeconomic themes, industry and sector trends, investment industry issues and more esoteric items of interest and note.

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