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Christopher Beirn
Christopher Beirn
2 years ago

The reason you’re reading it now is because a number of players (some of whom probably work in a five-sided building) are very unhappy about the response to this debacle. Bloomberg Business Week appears to have tapped into a network of disgruntled insiders who have lost patience with their employers’ willingness/ability to mitigate the kind of threat that a hardware hack of this magnitude poses. As they see it, what is politically expedient today — denial — will turn out to be strategically disastrous tomorrow.

Christopher Beirn
Christopher Beirn
2 years ago

An interesting extrapolation of this story can be found in today’s Guardian:

“Last week’s revelation, in a Bloomberg news report, that China might have embedded microchips in the hardware used by America’s leading tech firms, should be no surprise. Beijing, with its new cybersecurity law and its overall push towards global supremacy in artificial intelligence, might seem like a rogue actor on the international scene. However, it’s hardly alone in promoting its technological agenda.

Russia has announced plans to require civil servants to use locally produced mobile phones running on locally produced software. To make that mission easier, Rostelecom, its state-controlled telecoms giant, bought the two companies behind Sailfish OS, a mobile operating system developed by Nokia.”


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