Whitestone Bridge

[originally published Sept. 11, 2018] Everyone has their 9/11 story. Mine is in a car heading to
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  1. Well, that’s provocative!

    Cheers - Jon

  2. Absolutely no issue with your central points.
    But you might want to rethink your admiring point about Robert Moses.
    Yes, he got a bunch of useful infrastructure built (including the Whitestone Bridge) but this was in an age where extremely narrow interests could dislocate hundreds of thousands of people (mostly black and always lower class) thanks to a massive top-down propaganda effort (led by the New York Times) focused on “Yea Progress!”. Very little of Moses’ work fit the general New Deal pattern of investing in things that would directly benefit broad portions of society. It was largely for the benefit of the heavy construction industry and wealthy suburban commuters. Moses was more akin to todays Military-Industrial Complex where massive expenditures benefit a very narrow set of interests while doing things that provide no meaningful broad-based benefits.
    The Cross Bronx Expressway destroyed most of the Bronx, created the hellhole of the South Bronx killing all the industry there. New York City had huge vibrant working and middle class populations coexisting with the wealthy. Moses massively accelerated the process of extreme socio-economic segregation that is one of the key historical drivers of your widening gyre.

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