The Zeitgeist | 2.26.2019


This is our feature of the 10 (or so) most on-narrative (i.e. interconnected, highly similar) stories in financial media. It’s not a list of best articles, or articles we think are most interesting, or articles we agree with. But if you’re going to read 5-10 stories when you start your day, these are the ones that are most connected to the financial news that got published today.

Intel and Apple Among Stocks Set to Gain on Improving U.S.-China Relations

Stealing The Permian – Which Operators Are Next In Line For U.S. Onshore Mergers And Acquisitions Activity?

Barrick Gold’s Shocking Hostile Bid For Newmont Is A Lowball Offer

Hearings on ‘sky-high’ drug prices show how little has changed in 60 years

The Current Cost of Climate Change: $650 Billion and Rising

Rally in Cyclical Stocks Could Be a False Positive

SE Asia Stocks-Most fall on trade deal uncertainty

Aussie, NZ shares end lower as markets seek clarity on Sino-U.S. talks (Ed Note: Markets ‘seek clarity’! What a cool thing to be able to determine.)

Kraft Tests Buffett and 3G Ties — WSJ

A Stock That Rides Every China Bubble Returns Stronger Than Ever


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