The Zeitgeist | 2.19.2019


This is our feature of the 10 (or so) most on-narrative (i.e. interconnected, highly similar) stories in financial media. It’s not a list of best articles, or articles we think are most interesting, or articles we agree with. But if you’re going to read 5-10 stories when you start your day, these are the ones that are most connected to the financial news that got published today.

New voices in hospitals: Apple, Google

Greece Seeks European Commission’s Assent for Bank Plan

Are ETFs About To Rule The World?

Blame The Fed For The Plight Of The Average American

Stock Market Nerves Remain High, Volatility Futures Curve Shows

The Obstacle Between Credit Funds and a Giant Pool of Money

Why I Didn’t Invest In Nvidia

Global Stocks Edge Up as U.S.-China Trade Talks Progress

Everything you need to know about the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet – and how it could impact you

‘America First’ or America alone? In debut on world stage, acting Pentagon chief must answer for Trump.


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