The Zeitgeist | 1.28.2019


This is our feature of the 10 most on-narrative (i.e. interconnected, highly similar) stories in financial media. It’s not a list of best articles, or articles we think are most interesting, or articles we agree with. But if you’re going to read 5-10 stories when you start your day, these are the ones that are most connected to the financial news that got published today.

Fact check: Trump’s shift on concrete wall, tariff myth

Amundi: Return to EM, DM Credit; EU Equities ‘Still Challenging’

Vital Economic Data Likely Lost During Shutdown – Why It Matters To Americans

Natural Gas Continues To Bounce Around While LNG’s Bullish Trend Remains Strong

Volatility To Continue

Corporate strategies in automotive industry set to change

Oil Falls on Global Growth Jitters

What It Would Cost To Modernize The US Nuclear Arsenal

Walmart sets out to hire 900 new truck drivers and raises annual salaries to $90,000 as it bids to keep pace with Amazon

Buoyed by China banks, stocks open higher on Monday


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