The Zeitgeist | 1.23.2019


This is our feature of the 10 most on-narrative (i.e. interconnected, highly similar) stories in financial media. It’s not a list of best articles, or articles we think are most interesting, or articles we agree with. But if you’re going to read 5-10 stories when you start your day, these are the ones that are most connected to the financial news that got published today.

Econometric methods for fractional response variables with an application to 401(k) plan participation rates (Ed note: Sounds like a fun read)

Global trust in ‘my employer’ hits new high

Why sovereign wealth funds are adding economic development to their mandates

Shutdown’s Economic Impact Is A Forceful Reminder Of Why Government Matters

Robotics adoption: The SMB guide to industrial automation

We may be talking our way into a recession

Economists aren’t the only ones worried about a recession. Investors are, too

United Technologies Rises as Fourth-Quarter Earnings Smash Estimates

Housing market’s fundamentals actually turning brighter


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Clive Hale

Econometric models…ye gods!