The Crossover Point

The New York Times published a powerful story this weekend. It was the kind of story that has become

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  1. Important ideas gracefully expressed, Rusty. Crossover Points for me come with a sense of lifting a heavy load, (usually more than I think I’m capable of lifting) and an acute awareness of the “unbearable responsibility of being a sovereign individual” (a Jordan Peterson phrase I like a lot). Your conundrum of scale-of-activity with a dividing line between “what we know to be true” and “what we need others to believe to be true” offers much to ponder.

  2. Thanks, Jane! I think intuition - as in your example of the very subjective determination of what feels to be a heavy load - can be really instructive in things like this. I think we often know when the structural choices we make pull us in different directions.

  3. There are three books from last century which I would always recommend if asked: 1984, Brave New World, and The Firm. The first two are about central government (totalitarianism being the low-hanging-fruit). The third is about your local institution and your interactions with it. Perhaps only in fiction does the individual triumph over the crossover point.

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