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“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes.” Mark Twain said that, or Abraham Lincoln depending on what corner of the internet you find yourself on any given day. Likewise, there are common themes, topics and subjects that run throughout the Epsilon Theory archive. All of our writing is categorized, tagged and organized to be easily accessible, but beware: your search for truth on one matter may very well lead you down any number of rabbit holes (and we hope that it does).


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The Chinese Panoptistate

I didn't invent the term "Panoptistate" to describe what China is doing with its social data monitoring effort, but I did write an Epsilon Theory note about it. Read more »

Is there an alternative to the totalitarian data infrastructure China has constructed? Is there an alternative to the fragmented, semi-private-ish version of the Chinese system that we have constructed in the West? YES. Read more »

A fellow Slummerville old-timer writes in with a Savenor's update. Dream job posted. But who can afford a dream? Read more »

Coinbase: do they run a prop desk or don't they run a prop desk? My answer: it's not a prop desk. No, it's worse than a prop desk. Read more »

The Curse of Category

In investing and in life, we are always quick to judge the book by its cover. We're even quicker to judge a book by what shelf it's on. Read more »

That time I followed Julia Child through a grocery store. Read more »

The modern use of stock-based compensation is a confidence game, in the true sense of the word, that would be very familiar to The Music Man. Read more »

Billionaires don't buy media properties as vanity projects. They buy them because they understand the political and economic power of Fiat News. Read more »

Our liberty is not granted to us by the State or the Oligarchs. It is not theirs to give. It cannot be taken away. But we can give it away. Read more »

Everyone has their Lehman war stories. Here's one of mine that was particularly formative for Epsilon Theory. Read more »

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