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Epsilon Theory is part of the Frontline Heroes initiative to get PPE directly into the hands of American heroes: healthcare professionals and emergency responders who put their lives and their families' lives at risk every day to win the war against this virus.


If you are a healthcare worker or a first responder anywhere in the United States in urgent need of PPE, or you know someone who is, please fill out the online form below to get on our distribution list. Right now we are focused on N95 and N95-equivalent masks, although in the future we will try to supply isolation gowns and other PPE items. We CAN deliver directly to your home if that’s an easier way to get these supplies to you, although we WILL verify that you are who you say you are. Please feel free to use the Notes section liberally to describe your needs and constraints on acceptable equipment. We will do what we can!

On that “we will do what we can” note, we’re not promising anything here, except that we will, in fact, do everything we possibly can. If we can’t get you what you need or enough of what you need, let us know. We will put you back on the list. We will try harder. But no promises.

Also, and this is important, we make every effort to allocate on the basis of need, not first come first served. We have several different data sources that try to give us a sense of where need is greatest, but nothing that can match your direct input. The more you can tell us about your situation, the better, and that includes telling us if your situation is okay right now but that you are anticipating a slam (we will schedule accordingly) or if your situation changes (either for better or for worse).

To learn more about our principles and goals in this effort, please see Our Finest HourTo learn more about the 501(c)(3) donation facility established to support this effort, please see Frontline Heroes.

You can always contact us directly at [email protected]

There is no charge to the recipient for anything we deliver. Ever.

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