Office Hours Recap 8/19/2022

Office Hours is an hour long Zoom call we have on Friday’s from 2-3pm ET. The event is exclusive to Epsilon Theory members and is a great way to hear Ben’s thoughts on markets, politics, and current events. Every Monday I post a brief recap of the previous OH. This is not a transcription of the call and doesn’t cover everything. But it does outline the main conversations we had.

Before this was posted on the ET Forum, but we’re moving it to the front page so more people can see the recap and understand the opportunities of Office Hours.

These are the major topics and ideas we discussed during the 8/19/2022 Office Hours as well as some of the biggest takeaways. If you have something you want to add to the conversation, let us know in the comments and join us next time.

Car Trouble:

Two weeks ago I asked Office Hours for car advice. My lease was almost up and I’m still new to the lease vs purchase debate. After some great advice (and a few horror stories) I’m happy to say I got the new car. But Ben tagged along to the dealership and had some moments of clarity regarding the brave new world of constant debt.

We spent some time talking about our personal relationships with debt. The buy now pay later mentality and that brand of financial services are everywhere. Some of us avoid debt like we’re allergic, others can’t get rid of it. This started a conversation about how our parents handled debt. How what we saw growing up affected our actions now.


Ben’s newest note Narrative and Metaverse Pt 4: Carrying the Fire came out earlier this week and we spent the entire Office Hours talking about it. So many of the ideas expressed in the note originated from Office Hours. And it was the Pack discussions that helped fine tune the final version. Coming full circle, this was a chance to ask Ben specific questions about his note and the ideas behind it.

Matt had some great questions about the nature of the archive. Archives are naturally one way so, “what compels anyone to read/see it? And does this create a personal connection?”. Ben’s response was that he wanted to create powerful ghosts. Figures that could live on after death and have connections in the real world. So his father and mother can be meaningful figures in the lives of his grandchildren. That’s what Ben means when he says it’s an arc and an ark.

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