Notes from the Diamond #2: Until the Truth Comes Out

And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shoutBut there is no joy in Mudville, until t

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  1. "Why risk disgrace when one is already rich and widely lauded as being among the best-ever in one’s chosen craft? Perhaps Shakespeare answered this question best in Measure for Measure, which among other lessons teaches that most folks’ vices are simply their virtues taken to an extreme. "

    Somewhere under this rubric fits Martha Stewart’s insider trading behavior.

    Anyone who has ever managed successful (especially Wall Street) salespeople intuitive knows your above Shakespeare aphorism.

    And, re McCourt - because of Ben, the word “raccoon” automatically assigns itself in my mind to people like him. Also, as a life-long NYC / NY region denizen, but one who lived in Boston for eight years in the late '90s / early '00s when you could walk to Fenway before a day game and buy scalped tickets for decent seats at not-crazy prices a half hour before game time, I can’t image Boston - or baseball - without Fenway. “Baseball” supposedly understands the importance of its history - there’s no greater test of that than if it can keep Fenway.

  2. Avatar for dsalem dsalem says:

    Well put, Mark. Perhaps obviously … I agree. 100%.

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