No Free Lunches

Alesso, Heroes (We Could Be), 2014 The Heroes Act. Is it a bill or lyrics from a song by Al

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  1. “Perhaps most scary, is it allows legislators to act without worry about where their self-interested spending eventually goes.”

    And that is at the root of crony capitalism……elites screwing the pubic and presenting the bill to the government.
    Reminds me of Indonesia under Soeharto……authoritarian and extremely corrupt, where crony capitalism was THE way of life.
    Nobody paid anywhere close to their real taxes.
    Made no sense when there was always the ‘hidden tax’ of bribes every body had to pay to get anything done….

  2. Avatar for roro roro says:

    In reference to Pete Cecchi’s No Free Lunch fake outrage by Senators must be all show at suddenly discovering at the Powell/Mnuchin testimony the “$454 billion CARES Act wasn’t really just $454 billion. It is to be leveraged up by factor of 10 to 1 into a $4.54 trillion bailout for Wall Street. The $454 billion is designated by Fed’s SPVs as “loss absorbing capital,” meaning taxpayers will eat the 1st $454 billion in losses”. And, no one in Congress knew before voting on it?

  3. Avatar for Kpaz Kpaz says:

    For many, many years now, taxation has had nothing to do with the budget at the Federal level and everything to do with the behavior of the taxpayers. It’s like the drain at the bottom of the fiat system bathtub. Breathe…

  4. Welcome to the long now

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