Margin Call

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  1. Gentlemen, to whatever extent you feel comfortable, I’d humbly request you make as much as you can .pdf-able as it relates to this crisis over the next several weeks… I have a pack I forward a lot of material to from various platforms. Happy to pay more with my membership as well if need be, but I know that’s not why you do this… Your pieces are truly essential reading. I’m pushing my people hard with data and asking them to push it out even further to those they interact with. Our behavioral changes and solutions to this need to be just as viral as the problem… I know you know this. Just putting it out there for your consideration.

    Thank you!

  2. Ed, yes! We’ve been trying to make sure all of the content right now is PDFable for just the reason you describe. We also want to get the notes posted as quickly as we write them so there will sometimes be a lag! Thanks for thinking of this.

  3. Social distancing but intellectual proximity, both pushed as far as we can to live…

  4. Thank you! And thank you for everything you all do!

  5. Ha !
    I got a first hand example of that.
    2 weeks ago, on Monday 2 March I read a short note from a normally quite on the ball firm about how the virus trajectory in the US would play out the way it did in HK. Luckily they also mentioned that the market was too sanguine about the coronavirus and it was not yet time to buy.
    Yesterday they sent another note, apologizing for the miscalculation , suggesting that the US & EU Governments now bail us all out with helicopter money. True to their intellectual form, they suggested that any future inflation could easily be measured and brought under control…….

  6. Is Boris so foolish?

    We’re caging and bankrupting the small business owner and self employed, the worker who can’t work from home all in the same fell swoop.

    My Friend: the middle class, the shopkeepers make revolutions. I mean an actual revolution, not the 60s.

    See France, Russia, Iran and of course the United States.

    All those people are now caged, going bankrupt and are helpless. In America.
    Watching the Fat Cats cash in their next free Trillion$.

    We’ll see if Boris is so foolish. The UK is betting on beating the second wave of COVID now.
    They’re actually being British for a change. Not panicking in the face of a true test.
    Where we are here now is a one time, one shot deal.
    We’ll not quarantine the USA a second time. This is our one shot at self quarantine.
    There will not be another, we’ve just shot our one bullet.

    And even if it’s the magic bullet the angry and bankrupt will emerge from their cages angry, hungry.
    And if they don’t walk out in the street and see bodies convinced they were played for fools by fat cats and their media minons.

    Boris may not be so foolish, and if the plague does not take the English what will people here say?

  7. And I may add the Fat Cats have their first Trillion…and not the first or last…

    That we have been played for money even if we avoid mass casualties or if we suffer them we already know the answer is yes. We’ve been played. REPO and QE do not cure COVID.

    The bailout will cost us dear if not one more dies. I do not mean money.

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