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In the Flow – One Down, Two to Go

January 21, 2019

More than ever I can hear the approaching hoofbeats of the Fourth Horseman – a regime change in inflation expectations. The hooves are still distant, and you’ll have more bites at the portfolio-preparation apple as global growth concerns in China and Europe persist. But prepare you should.

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In the Flow – Reflexivity

January 14, 2019

Soros’s Reflexivity is another name for the Common Knowledge Game, just focused on price action narratives. We see the development of just such a price action narrative today in macro world, one that surely makes Trader George’s ears prick up.

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In the Flow – LOL

January 7, 2019

In the big picture, we’re still in the middle of a technically uncertain game of Chicken between the U.S. and China. But Powell’s VERY public about-face on Friday, coupled with the VERY strong jobs report, creates a VERY different investment backdrop for the US-China trade impasse.

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In Focus

ET In Focus reports are narrower analyses of the narrative structure and trends on specific issues, companies, sectors, countries or financial markets.

A Tale of Two Tales (Banking)

January 13, 2019

US Banks have a common narrative structure – two competing topics of vastly different sentiment, with one dominating market attention at any given time. Worthy of some thought going into bank earnings week.

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Multiple Ways to Lose (AAPL)

January 3, 2019

We examine how Apple found both of the ways to lose on narrative in less than two months’ time, and outline how that might change the playbook for the near-, medium- and long-term for different investor types.

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Twilight of the (Consumer) Goods?

December 20, 2018

With increasing attention to trade and tariff narratives and falling attention to inflation and growth narratives in the U.S., we believe that investors may benefit from focus on sectors on which the latter narratives have weighed heavily in 2018. Of particular interest? Brand-oriented consumer stocks, especially many staples that have been left for dead.

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In The News

ET In the News delivers ET Professional subscribers weekly summaries of the news articles most critical to the narrative surrounding companies reporting on earnings, major economic and central bank reports, etc.

In the News | Week of 12.31.2018

December 30, 2018

Summary on most narrative-linked news of one announcing US company and this week’s December non-farm payrolls and unemployment updates.

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In the News | Week of 12.24.2018

December 21, 2018

With limited markets-related events next week, we instead highlight some of the most representative (and unique) reviews of 2018.

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In the News | Week of 12.17.2018

December 14, 2018

Key articles for companies reporting the week of December 17, 2018, as well as the upcoming meeting of the FOMC.

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