Children of Men

1+ [first lines] Newsreader:    Day 1,000 of the Siege of Seattle.
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11 months ago

In event there is no vaccine, couldn’t governments tack towards a controlled path towards herd immunity like Sweden and after a rough period of time this virus likely would take care of itself? Yes a lot of elderly and unhealthy people would die, but isn’t that the utilitarian solution if no vaccine arrives by end of year? Or is global geopolitical conflict still likely even in a path to herd immunity scenario?

Jim Handshaw
11 months ago


Exacerbated by the continued divergence between the haves and have-nots, both financially and political within state, national, international boundaries. Perfect storm for fascism. Your writings speak very well to the issues.

I suspect it was the same feeling for my father’s generation in 1942 and his grandfather’s generation in 1863.

I keep waiting for a political leader to arise, with the wisdom to lead.

Covid19 is an unexpected existential threat to our collective human political, social, and economic well being. Covid was the trigger.

One could also say that Global Warming is the existential threat to life on earth. That would make our current issues a nit.

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