Brent X. Donnelly


Brent Donnelly is a senior risk-taker and FX market maker at HSBC New York and has been trading foreign exchange since 1995. He is the author of The Art of Currency Trading (Wiley, 2019) and his latest book, Alpha Trader, hits the shelves in Q2 2021.

Brent writes a well-known daily FX commentary called AM/FX and has experience as both a sell-side trader (HSBC, Citibank, Lehman Brothers) and as a portfolio manager at a major hedge fund in Connecticut. He trades tactical global macro. He has been quoted by The Economist, WSJ, Zerohedge, FT, CNBC and others.


Articles by Brent:

Bitcoin Market Profile

By Brent X. Donnelly | April 28, 2021 | 4 Comments

ET contributor Brent Donnelly gives a crash course in Market Profile analysis and applies it to Bitcoin since the Coinbase IPO.

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A Conversation with Howard Marks

By Brent X. Donnelly | March 17, 2021 | 5 Comments

ET contributor Brent Donnelly talks with Howard Marks about why traditional value investing is likely permanently impaired as a strategy and why Growth vs. Value is a false dichotomy. Boomshakalaka!

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Off Wall Street and Off-Off Wall Street

By Brent X. Donnelly | January 22, 2021 | 10 Comments

Everything you always wanted to know about r/Wallstreetbets and Gamestop*

*but were afraid to ask

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