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I’ll have a new full-length Epsilon Theory note out early next week (“Going Gray”), but wanted to pass along two background points.

First, a replay of last week’s webinar – “The Game of Thrones and the Game of Markets” – is available from our friends at RIA Channel, and can be accessed here.

Second, for all the new subscribers to Epsilon Theory (the original June 2013 direct distribution list has recently doubled again, for the sixth time) I know that the website can be daunting with about 100 meaty notes to sift through. We’ll be releasing an improved organization for the website shortly, along with an entirely new application we’re calling the Risk Dashboard – a real-time resource that monitors current market risks as seen through an Epsilon Theory lens . . . stay tuned! In the meantime, I thought it might be helpful for new subscribers to have a Top 10 list of the most popular notes, a Best of Epsilon Theory, if you will. In reverse chronological order:

Fear and Loathing on the Marketing Trail, 2014
Stalking Horse
When Does the Story Break?
Hollow Men, Hollow Markets, Hollow World
Parasite Rex
Adaptive Investing: What’s Your Market DNA?
A Game of Sentiment
It Was Barzini All Along
How Gold Lost Its Luster, How the All-Weather Fund Got Wet, and Other Just-So Stories
Epsilon Theory Manifesto

And for a series of shorter reads, don’t forget the Email archive.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Epsilon Theory is tapping into and releasing a hungry energy that was there long before I started writing about it, and I am certain we are just at the starting point of what’s possible here. Where does our collective effort end up? No idea. But it’s going to be one heck of a ride.

epsilon-theory-best-of-list-september-26-2014.pdf (74KB)


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