A Tale of Two Cults

The Amazing Randi The cult of Uri Geller should have died on August 1st, 1973. It was the

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  1. Here it is – this is the post I’ve been waiting for. The complement to #BITFD. I predict that this is where you lose the fair-weather friends who have come for the burning, not for the building. The jackasses who just want to kick down the barn, not the good (and amateur but willing) carpenters who are ready to craft the new one.

    Everyone would happily have fought against slavery, had they been in Lincoln’s place. Much harder to follow Lincoln’s example in promoting former enemies – Seward, Chase, and Bates – to his cabinet. I hope that the Epsilon Theory pack (and beyond) can embrace that level of citizenship – putting aside the thrill of lording over a former opponent to instead join hands in building something better.

  2. Exactly right Rusty. We can’t move forward without mercy. Well written!

  3. Avatar for rguinn rguinn says:

    Thanks, Daniel! You are totally right that the fire brings in some audience more than others, but interestingly, outside of social media channels (i.e. Twitter), our most widely circulated notes actually tend to be of the BITFU variety. It surprised me, too, but I found it more than a little bit encouraging.

  4. Avatar for rguinn rguinn says:

    Thank you, Laurie!

  5. Thank you Rusty, I needed to hear that today. I love the idea of all sides believing that they are right, yet granting mercy to all. It sounds like a wonderful world, but one that will probably destroy Twitter. I hope Ben’s ok with that.

  6. It hit me after I posted my previous comment that our way forward is a so called “Circle of Mercy”, a positive feedback loop if you will… I don’t care who thinks they are right, I want to be involved in a Circle of Mercy, and today it starts with me. Thank you Rusty, I needed a reason to try and let go of my election angst, and you gave me a wonderful roadmap to my first step.

  7. I’ve actually been a bit turned off by the phrase BITFD (not the ideas behind it), so this one felt like ET oxygen to me as I can’t wait for BIBU.

    Rusty is spot on as it will take mercy to build it back up as does any damaged relationship. The victory dance feels good and can even be justified, but fair or not, it won’t lead to repair. The “no taunt” rule in football is a version of this (forced mercy, if you will) as the NFL wants to keep the game, season and league going forward.

    And great writing Rusty - the stories were engaging and, by the time you got there, your conclusion had already achieved reader buy-in because of them.

  8. Piety is a fickle friend.

  9. fascinating. Your family’s campfire stories had to be pretty interesting growing up.

  10. When judgement day comes , in this world or the next , what is it we all want? Judgment or Mercy?

    I have not met a soul yet you wants judgement.

    Maybe the Lords prayer is correct and we must first extend mercy-- before we can, in good faith, ask for it.

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