A New Gilded Age

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  1. I’m never going to wear a Tuxedo again, except to the Crematorium

  2. The University degree is the symbol that perfectly represents our Gilded Age.

  3. Yes, among the most powerful, I agree.

  4. I recall after vacationing in Dubai for a week having this weird, confusing feeling about everything there. I compared it to Vegas. In Vegas, everything is fake, and everyone knows it’s fake and they don’t care. In Dubai, everything is fake, but everyone pretends it’s real, and there was a sadness to it. But yeah, this article could easily be written about Dubai.

  5. One of the most amazing things about Epsilon Theory is that Rusty is every bit the writer and thinker as Ben. Well done.

  6. Avatar for bhunt bhunt says:

    I had exactly the same feeling about Dubai.

  7. Avatar for bhunt bhunt says:

    Fact check: TRUE

  8. Tuxedo Park reminds me of the Goose Creek section of Baytown, Texas where I was raised. There was a very strict dress code, “No shirt, no shoes, no service”.

  9. Avatar for jeff1 jeff1 says:

    I see your point. I couldn’t stand the place. The thought that people vacation there is beyond me.

  10. It could easily be written about my home town of Louisville Ky. We have a handful of families that run the city behind the scenes. They have kept professional sports out of our city , they kept a bridge from being built for about 30 years because the didn’t want the “wrong type” of people from Indiana wondering too close to their neighborhood.

    Anyway great tie in with current state of markets and politics I always feel that time reading espsilon theory is time well speant?

  11. um, really? when 1/3 of americans, and 2/3 of people under 30 have one?

  12. Yea, Singapore is kinda that way too…not as bad as Dubai though…

  13. I spent one day (no overnight) in Vegas and found that was all I could take. I’m glad I saw it; I understand the kitsch and have no issue at all with those who enjoy it (hey, I’m not releasing my Netflix viewing activity), but it felt so fake, so contrived that I took no inherent enjoyment from it. And, as noted, everyone knows it’s fake and still many love it. To each his own. But a great example of people not caring if something isn’t real.

  14. Rusty, you have a career as a published author if you want one. I’m sure there are many options, but one I see is as the next popular historian in the mode of Stephen Ambrose or David McCullough. Not that you couldn’t do serious academic work (I’m sure you’d excel), but you have such a talent for telling history in a way that speaks to the average person (me), that the opportunity is screaming out at you.

  15. As a Louisville resident I find your statement to be all too true. I’ve been here for almost 20 years (I grew up in central Indiana) and the “families” run the show. I doubt it’s all that different in most towns this size, however.

  16. It seemed like a dream place to go for a structural engineer… oh well.

  17. Most likely referring to degrees from specific Universities which we needn’t name but all know about. . Graduates from the University of Northern Vermont may feel differently.

  18. Very interesting - I hadn’t known that in particular about Louisville. Wife’s family is from New Albany.

  19. That’s really kind of you to say, Mark! Thank you.

  20. Avatar for ET82 ET82 says:

    “Nothing is real, everything is fake. Bizarrely, most people like it that way.”

    J.G. Ballard interviewed by Hans-Ulrich Obrist, published in the catalogue for the Beck’s Futures art exhibition, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, 2003.

  21. Very good piece. But “real capitalism” and “real democracy” aren’t compatible, because under “real democracy” the majority can vote against capitalism. The founding fathers knew that, so they built a republic based on individual rights.

    “Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself.” ~ John Adams

  22. Avatar for 9mrb 9mrb says:

    I grew up in this area and learned a lot from this. All of our local history was focused on events around the Revolutionary War.

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